The Brand

Our Inspiration

Cosmos (verb cosmo= κοσμώ which means decorate) is the ancient Greek word for the ornament. This divine decoration, nature and it's creations are a source of inspiration for Ditale Studio.
Simplicity and the perfect imperfection of nature along with the creativity of the human mind reveal a dual magical world.
The elements of nature and the world’s cultural heritage are depicted with creativity and love along with simplicity and minimalism on fine metals.

Our aesthetics and ethos

At Ditale Studio you will find handcrafted fine jewellery pieces that are characterized by the principles of simplicity, durability and slow fashion.
Gold, silver, and gold-plated silver are transformed into wearable art that match the brand's identity and ethos and the minimalist attitude of life. We believe in creating jewellery that will stand the test of time in terms of aesthetics and quality, and can be worn from day to night, and all occasions.

About the designer

Ditale Studio was founded in 2019 by Maria Neocleous in Nicosia, Cyprus.
Maria was born and raised in the island's capital and spent time as a child around her father's workshop, exposed to the craft of jewellery making. Always a creative and restless mind Maria after several years in the IT industry Maria decided to leave her day job and pursue in her late 30s a more creative and fulfilling career  in jewellery design.  That’s when Ditale Studio was born. She currently lives in central Nicosia with her husband and two boys.

About the maker

Stelios Neocleous is Maria’s father and the maker of all Ditale Studio’s products. With over 40 years experience, Stelios expertly handcrafts all the pieces in his goldsmith/silversmith workshop, where he has worked since 1982.
He is one of the last craftsmen and artisans of his generation in the old town of Nicosia. His job is his passion, and throughout the years has taught many apprentices the art of jewellery making.