Gemstone bracelet
Gemstone bracelet
Gemstone bracelet
Gemstone bracelet
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Gemstone bracelet

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Cuff bracelet with matte finish and semi precious gemstone.

Total perimeter: 15cm Width: 0,5cm Gemstone perimeter :1cm

Available in sterling silver 925 and gold plated silver 22ct

Each stone is unique and it might differ from picture

Available gemstones:

Red carneol: It symbolizes bold energy, warmth, and a joy that lingers as much as it empowers and stimulates. A  stone of courage, endurance, energy leadership, and motivation.

Lapis lazuli: A stones the signifies strength, courage, royalty, wisdom, intellect and truth. From antiquity, lapis lazuli has been worn in the belief that it will ward off evil. 

MoonstoneMoonstone signifies balance, relaxation, feminine energy, love, and fertility

 Amethyst:  a natural tranquillizer. It is said to dispel rage, help manage fears and anger, and calm rage and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief and dissolves negativity